Mission, vision and values

We grow inside an academic institution, so our basic goals are education and research. This already could be done in some of the good research groups inside School of Technology, but we wanted some new. The idea of an open space, shared by students and professors,  people from several departments or research groups, non-formal students and companies, teenagers and old people, is quite far from the usual formalities of traditional accademia. But this is what we wanted to enrich our environment.

We wanted to define an useful place where anyone can learn by-doing and with the help of others. As traditional education is too much divided in isolated subjects and topics, some of them very far from direct applications, we tried to fill this gap and provide the students with a place where they can obtain direct applications of what they learn in the classroom. Every year we deliver several low-level courses to “break the ice” and give some of the basic tools for start doing projects; basic electronics, 3D design, Linux,… We provide direct help to the people coming to the space and we encourage them to use the space and continue learning with us.

Someone says: “Love, money and knowledge do not worth until you share them.”. We believe this way. We believe that no one can live absolutely by his own. From the bread we eat, to the care we need when we are weak, we need each other. With the knowledge is even more obvious. Human culture is a contribution of many of us, for thousand of years. We, people inside a developed world, felt that we had to return back the few knowledge we have.

We have no doubt than together we are much more than isolated. This, we can perform better and faster with the help of others.